Here we go…

Here I am, doing what I said I’d never do. Who the heck has time to keep up a blog, while parenting 3 kids, running a business, and renovations out the wazoo?? That being said, I find myself forgetting what happened when, and what life used to look like before…. everything.

So here I am to document it. My business, the mentoring, our 3 wild children(really 1 wild and 2 total angels), life after baseball, and now life during baseball again but a completely different side from playing{scouting}, going from a brand new house to a 1950’s house and all the renovations that come along with that. It’s a lot, and hoping that writing it all down will 1. Help me appreciate how much we accomplish 2. Actually see the life we’ve made for ourselves in photos, and 3. remember, because my memory sucks.


Just bear with me, I’m not the writing kind.

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