THE kitchen remodel

When we bought this house in April of 2015, we bought it for the land. 1.5 acres, huge trees, 15 minutes from the beach… land like this isn’t easy to come by in Melbourne. We had recently moved from a home we built in 07. A 3,000 sqft semi custom home, on the lake, overlooking the golf course in Viera. It was stunning. But the mortgage payment was huge, we literally could see in our neighbors windows, hear their conversations, and I was operating my photography business, doing newborn shoots, out of the 11×11 dining room. Any time I had a newborn session, I had to deep clean the entire 1st floor, usher my husband, 2 dogs, and kids upstairs to the “man cave” and have them keep quiet for 3-4 hours while I shot and my clients hung out in our great room. It was not a good setup.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 6.02.38 PM

Fast forward to April ’15, we found this old, 1950’s bungalow, dated to all hell. But it had land, and a separate “cottage” as a mother-in-law house, and big trees… did I mention land? We were excited to leave the hustle and bustle of the beautiful town of Viera(don’t get me wrong, I miss the convenience of driving the golf cart to dinner and shopping), and have a slice of quiet country down in the Lake Washington area. We kept telling ourselves…. we can’t make land out of nothing, but we CAN make this house into something, and the planning started.


We have big plans for this house… tearing down the 1 car garage and added a 2+ car garage with workshop and 800sqft of living space upstairs(planning on this September), getting rid of Jacoby’s room and making a large master suite so our master bath doesn’t share with the main area anymore, adding a half bath, adding a shed(in progress), refinishing the fireplace(also in progress), adding an outdoor living patio space, and eventually ripping the roof off the house and adding a second story with bedrooms, bathrooms and a man cave. I told ya, big plans. Who knows if we’re here long enough to accomplish it all, or if financially everything falls into place allowing such big renovations, but there’s no harm in dreaming.

After moving in this house, the thing that irked me the most was the kitchen. It was big which was nice, but it was pieced together, the electrical was so shoddy that a fire was a pretty legit concern, it smelled like old musty wood, I could go on. But Shawn started a new job shortly after we moved in and travels a ton for half the year so doing anything monumental wasn’t happening. I took a paint brush and went to work, painting the cabinets. It was still awful, but not as bad as it was, so it was worth the time. Then we replaced the awful tile with new floors, it was more tolerable, but the itch for a new kitchen wasn’t scratched with these minor improvements.


We had major hurricane damage from Hurricane Matthew, which changed gears on our plans, and left us pondering what to do next on Christmas day. December 26th, the kitchen was in shambles, Shawn and his dad enjoying demo day, til the nitty gritty started. We had Shawn’s dad here for another week to help with electrical, framing, plumbing etc and then Shawn was on his own with the exception of a my dad helping here and there when he could.


We moved the sink to the island, which means jackhammering up the slab and rerouting plumbing(holy mess), closed off a doorway, added a pantry, made the island bigger, moved the stove to another wall, and completely redid electrical. And when I say “we”, I mean Shawn. I can’t tell you enough about how often this husband of mine impresses me. From his career in baseball, to seeing him excel in his new role as a pro scout, the amazing dad he is to our 3 little kids, and in any free time he has, busting his tail to make this house our home, doing everything himself. He is self taught, and honestly doesn’t look at any job as impossible. Pretty impressive for someone whose trade has never been in construction. The only thing we subbed out for this job, was the texture on the ceiling. He designed the kitchen, he assembled and installed all the cabinets, did the drywall, framed out a closet and pantry,  did electrical, plumbing, laid flooring, put up backsplash, installed appliances, installed lighting, you name it, he did it. Hell, he even built me a custom vent hood and MADE our island countertops(that will have to be a separate blog post!)! We’re so lucky to have our very own Chip Gaines! 😉


With the exception of a couple pieces of trim(I’m too impatient to wait)… here’s our beautiful new kitchen ❤

Disclaimer: yes, I’m a professional photographer, no the pictures aren’t great. I wasn’t planning on documenting this when we started the remodel ;P







Product list:

Cabinets: Ikea Grmislov

Subway tile: Lowes

Trim backsplash tile: Florida Tile Streamline Arctic chair rail

Farmhouse Sink: Ikea

Faucet: Home Depot

Pot Filler: Home Depot(a similar one as ours is not online anymore)

Globe lights: Amazon

Table chandelier: Houzz

Wreath: Target

Barstools: Target

Wall paint color: Revere Pewter


Feel free to share, pin, like, and comment <3<3


Til our next project,





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