Loft beds, what kids dreams are made of…

Back in October, the Space Coast of Florida got the outskirts of Hurricane Matthew (thank GOD we were spared a direct hit) and while most people had minimal damage, we were not one of them. We planned on staying at the house or going to my Aunt’s house down the street to weather the storm but last minute decided to head to Tampa, I just didn’t want the kids to be worried and who knew how long we’d be without power etc. What a blessing that last minute gut decision was.

My Aunt came by the house after the worst of the storm had passed and text me saying it looked like everything was a-ok at home. We were driving home from Tampa so that peace of mind was nice, but didn’t last. Shawn beat me home by a few hours, and from the front everything was seemingly ok. Walk around the back and it was a different story. We have massive oak trees that are old, which was one of our concerns with hurricanes. There was one close to the back corner of the house and one of the huge branches had broke and fell on the roof. Β It completely broke off the edge of the roof along the back, damaged the roof in multiple places which caused internal water damage, and part of the tree branch punctured the ceiling in Faith’s room. Can you imagine had we stayed? The loud crack from the tree branch breaking, the sound of it falling on the house and then it coming through her ceiling…. I can only imagine how horrified she would’ve been. Thankful for God’s provisions there, to say the least.

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From October to December, Shawn worked tirelessly to re-floor , tear off part of the roof, and rebuild(something he had never done before), replace all the drywall/insulation that was affected, and re-tile the girl’s bathroom floors. We also went on a 5 day cruise admit all the construction, and while it seemed like a terrible time to be leaving, it was such a welcome break from all the house stuff. *Don’t mind the difference in color of the shingles, they’re the exact same as the existing ones, the old ones just need to be cleaned.


After we replaced the bones of Faith’s room, Shawn started toying with the idea of bunkbeds. Once he mentioned it to the girls, we never heard the end of it so the planning began. After scouring pinterest looking for our favorite “2 kids in 1 room” setups, we decided on loft beds. We wanted to maximize the floor space the most we could, seeing as we’re already short on space having downsized our house. We decided on this design as our inspiration, and Shawn went to the drawing board. Actually he kinda winged the whole thing, but he’s talented like that so it all worked out ;P



He started the beds about 2 weeks before Christmas, and we had the big reveal for the girls on the evening of Christmas Eve.


Overall the project for this room alone was around $3,000, but that includes all new insulation, flooring, electrical, a new window (Yay! I was really excited about this part), texture on walls, light fixtures, material for the bed structure, mattresses, bedding, etc. The lumber to build the just the loft beds, Shawn guesses was only about $300-$400, so not a huge price tag if it’s something you’re considering. Now labor, that’s a different ballgame. But I have a built in Chip Gaines that does it all himself, so he got paid in hugs and kisses πŸ™‚

Oh, and this was our first room we incorporated shiplap in… 1 down, many more to go. Ready to shiplap all the things that don’t move!


I’ve said on numerous accounts, I hope my kids understand how blessed they are to have a daddy who spends his time off from work, building things for them/us to make our lives better.I hope he never feels under appreciated, because I’m well aware of how above and beyond he goes. I just wish it was easier to show him HOW thankful we are… maybe weeks full of his favorite homemade meals of Bourbon Chicken, Shepard’s Pie, Salisbury Steak, and Chicken Casserole will do the trick πŸ˜‰